2D Animator & Compositor in JHB2D Animator & Compositor in JHB

2D Animator & Compositor in JHB

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Hey guys first time I've seen the forums section. Also noticed a lot of people posting requests for jobs so am giving it a shot my self.

I am an extremely creative individual proffisient in 2D animation and Composting have done work for big events such as Fifa 2010 and done work for others such as Outsurance. Have more than 2 years experience in the industry and I am available for freelancing on the side.

please pop by and have a look at some of my work on the link below, and thanks for reading this!



You can contact me on 074 125 8383 or Email me at mcnbowengmail.com


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For what sort...

For what kind of work exactly? For instance our team of 2D graphic designers is top-notch, but they and we specialize in website graphics and marketing efforts. Can you tell us all a little bit more about the sort of work you have in mind.
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Its has been too late to

Its has been too late to talk of it. But Can you tell me is there any vacancy for 3D animator ? Help appreciated.

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Writer in need of 2D animator

I have an educational project on which I need a 2D animator on contract basis or as a sort of partnership. I am planning a whole range and the oppurtunities are endless. It will take lots of commitment and sweat, but if you are prepared to put in the effort, it will be a very satisfying project.

Send me a mail if you are interested: floristmb@gmail.com