1. I would to find out how can I submit a story for consideration?
    I have written a children’s story in animation style and have been looking for a way to market my story. I saw a car with your branding and that’s how i came upon your company.
    I will appreciate any feedback.

    Kind regards,
    Nicola Thorne
    076 437 6678

  2. i want to.join and assist.in.the project management and finance

  3. My name is Matthew Hardaker I am almost finished my final year at the Animation School moving back to Johannesburg next year and looking for some work , i am trained in Maya and my strong points are 3D character and props modelling and also animation

  4. I have written a children’s story in animation style and have been looking for a way to market my story. I saw a car with your branding and that’s how i came upon your company.

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  10. “The UK Kidscreen delegation aggregated the work of over 39 companies into an extensive showreel, played in the UK area at the event.” Good news for me) This is a selection of the content, showcasing the great range and quality of UK production! Good production here essayhere.

  11. Fantastic Jobs!
    One day I will do something like that

  12. Well, they succeded. I do really hope that they achieved their second target. I already seen KARIBA, this is so amazing. And i already fund them too 😀

  13. It really was a great project to be part of as well, and are super proud of Luke and Tim.

  14. Experimental animation? Is anything that is not CGI ‘experimental’ in your view?

  15. Hi Diek. I had the same thought, but let it slide as it was experimental in the sense that it was the creator’s first film. Have corrected since it bothered you. – Ed.

  16. Congratulations Clea – you’ve come a long way! Proud of a fellow ex- Grmpytowner

  17. Hi,

    I am currently studying my post-grad in animation at wits, I would really love to participate in this workshop but its quite expensive for a student. Is it possible to pay in installments, or even better a student discount?


    1. Hi Natalie,
      Yes you can pay in two amounts. First 50% to secure your seat, and second 50% on completion of course.
      Unfortunately there are no student discounts.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Kind regards
      Ric Capecchi

      1. Thank you, that at least gives me a chance to save up 🙂

  18. Hi Rick

    What is the age limit? My 13 year old son wants to attend.

    1. Hi Danie,

      I appreciate your sons enthusiasm, but 13 might be a little young.

      This course is aimed at current animation graduates and industry professionals.

      Please send me your sons portfolio and we can assess it further from there.

      I hate turning passionate people away but at the same time I want the course to be beneficial to your sons future.

      Sounds like I should look into introducing an introductory course.

      Thanks for your interest.

      Kind regards


  19. Hello Ric

    I am studying my masters in animation at wits. I am really interested in your course but I am worried I may have some trouble doing it this year. Is there any chance that you will be running another character course next year as well?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Daniela,

      I would love to do it again next year, will keep you posted.

      Thanks for your interest.

      Take care, regards


      1. Yes, please do keep me posted because I am very interested in this course and it would be great to have the opportunity to do it next year.

        Thank you

        Kind Regards


  20. Wow i absolutely love this haha … So cool

  21. Thanks for the article ASA!
    The support in the local press for Squeers has been quite overwhelming, we are sincerely grateful, for each view, each like, share and comment.
    We also hope the teaser delivered an out an out giggle, this has been the most fun we’ve had in years.

    So blessed to work with such awesome SA Talent!

  22. Hi my name is Brandon i’m from South africa, i love animation but i lack the skills but i can draw on paper very wel lol, you see i have a characters on paper with a story that i not completed yet for years it has been in my closet lol and would like bring it out, i’m looking for talented animators to bring it to life, it’s original, thanks

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  25. This is such great news ! Well done Animation School, Emile Cole, French Institute / Embassy of France in SA, Animation School, Animation SA — winners all ! warmest congratulations Monica Rorvik @Moni_R , @Wesgro #WesgroFilm

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