LISTEN: Animation SA chats to directors Jeroen Jaspaert and Daniel Snaddon about STICK MAN (Podcast)

It’s another podcast from Animation SA Roving Reporter! In this podcast, Jeroen Jaspaert and Daniel Snaddon, directors of the BBC Christmas Special STICK MAN, talk about the journey of one sentient stick… all the way from the imagination of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, to the shores of South Africa, to France for a stunning win at Annecy, and now, to the BAFTAs!

Jaspaert and Snaddon discuss the joys and trials of being thrown together in an “arranged marriage,” struggling with South Africans’ impenetrable politeness, discovering the difference between “charming” and “cute,” figuring out how to make CGI look like stop motion, and how to speak “Jeroenese” over Skype on a Telkom connection. This interview will help you pass the time while you plan your Christmas holiday… I mean while you’re rendering.

Excuse the wind in the background: we recorded through the gale-force winds of the night on which Trump was voted in as the next US president (or, as Dan called it, The Trumpocalypse).

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